The management of GSRC, LLC undertakes a rigorous due diligence process in the selection of suitable investment projects that meet the criteria set out by USCIS in obtaining green card status for qualified foreign investors. We are experts in screening projects that will meet the investment objectives of our investors.

Our mission emphasizes and delivers results based on the following client priorities:

  1. Selection of “New Commercial Enterprises” that have the requisite business model to create at least ten full-time jobs for each EB-5 investor.
  2. Conservative, low-risk projects designed to return the full amount of the initial “at risk” investment.
  3. A prevailing market rate of return on the dollars invested at the exit strategy point in time.

Immigrant Investor Regional Center

As of Apr. 6, 2020, there are 746 approved regional centers. The following is a list of current EB-5 immigrant investor regional centers by state. USCIS will periodically update the list.

Approval of an EB-5 regional center application does not in any way:

  • Constitute USCIS endorsement of the activities of that regional center;
  • Guarantee compliance with U.S. securities laws; or
  • Minimize or eliminate risk to the investor.

Potential investors should seek professional advice when making any investment decisions.

Project Location

Our projects are located in West Texas Permian Basin. Texas is the second largest state in the United States by both area and population.

Houston is alive with energy and rich in diversity, the city holds a dynamic mix of imagination, talent and first-class attractions, making it a world-class city.

Houston is recognized worldwide for its vibrant economy which includes its energy industry, particularly for oil and natural gas—as well as for biomedical research and aeronautics. Because of these strengths, Houston is designated as a global city for business.


Oil History in Texas

In 1940s, Standard Oil started to use fracking in the oil field in Texas. There has been fast-growing oil and gas sector emerging in the State, from 2010 Oil production in Texas doubled within three years. Every year American oil and gas companies invest $150 billion in horizontal drilling. Since 2010 that has led to the creation of more than 1 million jobs nationwide.

Since 1923 the West Texas oil field has produced over 35 billion barrels of oil. With the development of fracking technology, the oil and gas industry has grown rapidly. There are an estimated 91 billion barrels of oil in shale formations in the West Texas oil field.