GSRC and the EB-5 Process

There are three primary functions within GSRC’s business model:

-        Business Development/Sales and Marketing to identify qualified Immigrant Investors and to identify qualified Investment opportunities

-        Preparation of I-526 Petitions for Immigrant Entrepreneurs to participate in the EB-5 program

-        Management and Reporting on Immigrant Entrepreneur’s investments.

Great Southwest Regional Center, LLC (GSRC) offers investment opportunities pursuant to the EBS Investor Visa Program, which provides for the issuance of “conditional” or temporary green cards to qualifying investors and their families who invest a minimum of US $1.8 million (US $900,000 in a designated target area) in businesses that create ten (10) full-time permanent jobs for U.S. workers.  If the investment achieves the job creation requirement of the Program, “unconditional” or permanent green cards will be issued after two years.

An important advantage of the GSRC is that it is founded and managed by Robert Frost and Kenneth Frost who have been successful entrepreneurs, investors and businessmen.  These individuals are using their experience to build both ends of the pipeline – Immigrant Investors and New Business Opportunities - such that the Great Southwest Regional Center becomes an engine for economic growth in the region.

GSRC’s Business Development Strategy is to build a pipeline of both qualified investors and new business opportunities that require an outside capital partner to move forward.

The GSRC Management Team including the CEO and the President will be primarily responsible for the sales and marketing process.

In order to learn more about the USCIS EB-5 program and the process involved please visit the EB-5 page on www.uscis.gov at the following link:

The USCIS EB-5 Program